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ميزان رقمي من باسال مع مؤقت -Casa

ميزان رقمي من باسال مع مؤقت -Casa

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Casa is for the home thanks to it's sturdy build and

sophisticated approach. Use the built in timer while

you brew and enjoy more control over your coffee

and a more consistently great taste. The Casa Digital

Scale has a rubber platform cover which provides

grip and water resistance, two helpful features for

home brewing.

All options operate similarly with an LCD display

screen showing measurements in grams & oz to a

precision of 0.01oz/ 0.1g up to a max weight of 70

Oz/2000g (The 'Casa' model has a max weight of


All are powered with 2 x AAA batteries (not


Dimensions :

195 * 130 * 30 mm

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