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Pesado 58.5 Naked Portafilter - White & Gold

Pesado 58.5 Naked Portafilter - White & Gold

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The PESADO coffee machine portafilter has been designed to optimize efficiency and durability. The body is made entirely of stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage.
The “naked” head exposes the bottom of your basket, allowing you to diagnose any channeling or issues with your shot. When you get the perfect extraction, you will see the true beauty of a perfect coffee forming before your eyes.
All wooden handles are ergonomically shaped on a hand lathe and finished in natural wax.
*Be careful around water, please do not soak or leave any of our wooden handles wet as it can cause splitting.

مناسب لمكائن لامارزوكو و E61 .

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