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TimeMore 123 GO Grinder with Carry Bag - Stainless Steel Burrs

TimeMore 123 GO Grinder with Carry Bag - Stainless Steel Burrs

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The Grinder Go Advanced is fitted with the newly designed E&B Burrs which feature what Timemore is calling the S2C (Spike-to-Cut) principle. These burrs, designed and manufactured by Timemore, allow for secondary cutting during grinding. Coupled with a dual-bearing stabilization system, a more consistent particle uniformity is achieved, resulting in a cleaner brew. To further aid in grind consistency, the burrs rotate at a mere 80 RPM, mitigating pesky fines that might otherwise muddle, or worse, clog your brews, and the titanium coating ensures a longer lifespan than standard, stainless steel burrs found in many other grinders.



• Different Sharing: Not like the traditional electric grinder, no need socket, desktop space-saving. Not like the manual coffee grinder, no need for hand strength, grind four servings at one time. Save effort and time on grinding, you can focus more on the pour-over brew, and share freshly ground coffee with family and friends.
• Portable Thinking: Proper size and weight, easily held in one hand, put in a backpack, and take it anywhere. Built-in battery, no drawstring plug, free your hands. USB charge via power bank, car, laptop, etc., no electricity shortage anxiety. Convenient take it to any place to use, such as home, office, party, travel, or camping.
• Wide Brewing: E&B stainless steel conical burr, high-precision body, dual bearings fasten, 0-10 click adjustment, a great partner for pour-over brewing. Well-designed motor, output power also fits AeroPress, French Press, Cold Brew, electric drip maker, Percolation, and Moka Pot.
• Home Bar: Put it on any table of the house to become a family coffee bar. Avoid the morning noise, easily move it outside to grind coffee beans. Closed glass powder bin, no powder leak, and not the dirty table. Cleaning is simple, unscrewing the dial, removing the inner burr and spring, use the attached brush to remove the residual powder.



• Product Size: 20×8cm

• Product Weight: 660g

• Coffee Bean Capacity: 80g

• Burr : TIMEMORE Generation E&B Stainless Steel Conical Burr

• Electric Motor: DC motor, no-load revolutions 80±10% RPM.

• Battery: Double 800mAh

• Charging Port: Type - C USB

• Material : Stainless Steel + Glass + PCGT 

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