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Subminimal Nano Foamer Pro

Subminimal Nano Foamer Pro

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At Subminimal, we think you deserve cafe-quality premium microfoam whenever the mood takes you. With NanoFoamer PRO, we’re saying goodbye to the need for expensive, high-maintenance equipment and specialized skills.

A premium cafe-quality cappuccino is now within reach regardless of how you prepare your espresso: handheld, lever, pod machine, automatic, Aeropress, mocha pot, or whichever espresso maker you love. The only talent you need to hone is your latte art pouring technique.

Speed up your workflow by synchronizing your milk heating and foaming alongside your espresso preparation so both are ready simultaneously. This ensures your espresso crema is still intact when your microfoam is ready. 

You might even want to pour latte art just for the sheer fun of it! Don’t worry. We won’t judge … in fact, we do it ourselves!

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