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Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm with Spin Jet

Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm with Spin Jet

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Do you have the problem of used milk pitchers and no time to clean them? 

The Rhino Pitcher Rinser 300mm with SpinJet is your answer. Effortlessly clean milk jugs during service. Your customers will love being able to taste fresh clean milk each time. Each jug is cleaned and cooled to allow perfect milk each time.

Our recessed pitcher rinser is the perfect barista pitcher rinser. Designed as a commercial pitcher rinser its the only pitcher rinser this specifically designed for use with coffee and milk. 

We stock all the pitcher rinser parts you will need over the life of your pitcher rinser.

Overall Dimensions (approx): Width - 231mm x Length - 354mm

The Maximum recommended working pressure of 2.4bar (35psi) and a flow rate 120lph approx. If you have high water pressure then you will need to install a Pressure Reducing Valve.


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