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Ninety Plus Gesha KULÉ 50g

Ninety Plus Gesha KULÉ 50g

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watermelon, rose hip, meyer lemon

Ethiopians traditionally consume both coffee leaf
(kuti) and cherry (buna kela). Ninety Plus also
considers all parts of the coffee plant in its
processing recipes. The Kulé process utilizes the
husk (cherry) of the coffee fruit as an ingredient in
Although Ninety Plus has used coffee cherry for
several years, this particular formula is new for the
2021 harvest and yields a juicy and refreshing
watermelon / rose hip taste. Incredible hot or

Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

Location: Silla de Pando, Volcan, Republic of Panama

Terroir: Rich volcanic soil, only 400-500 years old

Elevation: 1,500-1,700 meters above sea leve

Profile: Kulé

Variety: Gesha

Process: Innovation/Proprietary

Drying Style: Dried in Cherry


Weight loose around 10% after roasting

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