Hario Coffee Syphon Technica 3 Cup

Hario Coffee Syphon Technica 3 Cup

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Hario's Technica Coffee Syphon is one of the most magnificent ways to brew coffee. Syphon coffee is a truly unique brew method that can make an incredible cup of coffee.

Most filter brew methods favour pour-over/drip extraction, but the vacuum based syphon method uses immersion to extract the coffee which can leave you with a much more full bodied coffee.

This Tecnica syphon - available in 2, 3 and 5 cup sizes is a classic model and is popular amongst professionals. The 2 cup model is suited to make coffee for 1-2 people, whilst the 5 cup should suit up to 4 and 5 cups.

These syphons can be used with either our cloth filters, or if you'd rather avoid the maintenance a cloth filter requires you can use our paper filter adapter.

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