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Barisieur Coffee & Tea Maker - White

Barisieur Coffee & Tea Maker - White

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Barisieur Coffee & tea maker ⚫️

Set your alarm and wake up to fresh coffee in bed

The Barisieur is an automatic tea and coffee brewer for your bedroom and office. Featuring alarm clock functionality, it can wake you up with a fresh brew every morning or have one ready as you walk into work.


Specifications and Features:

- Equipped with a clock and an alarm to automatically prepare your coffee.

- Set Barisieur to start brewing 5 mins. before the alarm, on the alarm, or 5, 10, 15 mins. afterwards. Hold 'Make' button for 3 seconds to brew-on-demand.

- Milk Fridge with built-in infrared sensor for milk detection.

- A drawer to store your coffee grounds. ️

- Phone Charging: 5V USB-Port located on the back.

- The tools are made with precision and high quality.

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