TheBarn Honduras LOS CHORROS, Washed - Filter 250g
TheBarn Honduras LOS CHORROS, Washed - Filter 250g
TheBarn Honduras LOS CHORROS, Washed - Filter 250g
TheBarn Honduras LOS CHORROS, Washed - Filter 250g
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TheBarn Honduras LOS CHORROS, Washed - Filter 250g

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Origin: Intibuca, Honduras 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Roman Flores 
Altitude: 1820 meters 
Varietal: Lempira
Process: Washed

In 2017 Los Chorros completely changed our perception of coffee from Honduras: with a beautifully clean profile and delicately balanced sweetness and acidity, this is one to enjoy all day

The Cup

This season Los Chorros delights with its soft fruit flavour and silky mouthfeel. Our lot has notes of luscious red grape alongside the richness of cacao nibs and dark fruit. A complex, floral finish makes this coffee stand above anything else we have tried from the region.

About The Farm

Across a 22 hectare farm, Roman Flores tends to 16 hectares of coffee plants, including the Lempira beans we are bringing you this season. Roman grew up on his parents coffee plantation, surrounded by coffee from a young age. When he and his wife inherited the land they decided to move back to the mountains and devote themselves to making the best of the land.

Having spent three years working in the USA, Roman was able to provide enough investment to focus on quality speciality production and their coffee has been improving ever since. With their dream to export to countries across the world, it was a pleasure to taste the results of all their hard work.

Coffee from Honduras can be amazing when they are from the right places and are processed well. They often have more complexity, depth and richness than other Central American coffees. Many specialty coffee buyers in Honduras are focused in and around the region of Santa Barbara. The region of Intibuca, however, is also very special and it stands out with delicious coffees, and enormous potential to produce more if producers can find a market. We know we will be working with Roman for many seasons to come.

The Process

Harvested between January and April, this coffee is at its peak now. After expert handpicking, the cherries are sorted and fermented for 24-30 hours in concrete tanks before they are washed and then dried for 20 days. This clean and complex washed coffee is a great testament to the investment Roman has made in the production and processing at this farm.

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