TheBarn Brazil SUNDROP, Natural - Filter 250g
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TheBarn Brazil SUNDROP, Natural - Filter 250g

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Cerrado, Brazil






1200 Meters


Yellow Bourbon



From our innovative friends at Daterra in Brazil, the finest methods are perfectly combined with the richness of Brazilian terroir: season after season, this naturally processed coffee is an adaptable, decadent crowd pleaser, with soothing sweetness we could enjoy all day.

Be part of THE BARN Forest on the Daterra estate. We are planting 40,000 trees to mitigate climate change. Donate trees, starting at 1.50 EUR per tree.


The Cup


In the cup, Sundrop delivers a velvety mouthfeel that fills the palate with the sweetness of caramel and dried fruit.

Prune and nutty praline are complemented by floral notes of orange blossom and jasmine.


About The Farm


Daterra are pioneers in their field: committed to pushing the boundaries in coffee production, with a dedicated approach to both quality and sustainability.

They were the first Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm in Brazil and together we have embarked on a Tree Planting programme to help mitigate the effects of climate change. Today, Daterra is officially climate positive and continues to experiment in both farming and processing.

We have long featured their masterpiece lots in our low-caffeine program, and are excited to once again showcase this beautiful Yellow Bourbon in our filter collection.


The Process


Always looking to innovate, for this coffee Daterra uses an adaptation of the natural processing method that makes use of the dry season in Brazil. This lot undergoes a unique process, which begins at the peak of the season when the cherries are full of honey-like moisture.

Rather than immediately harvesting mature cherries, cherries are partially dried while still attached to the branch. Dry conditions at the time of harvest mean that fungus or other defects can be avoided.

The partially dried cherries are then picked and transferred to patios to be dried further. The final step sees the cherries complete the drying process in the mechanical drum dryer to ensure consistent moisture levels and stabilisation.

This multi-stage processing is typical of the care Daterra takes at every step of production and the result is an elegant and sweet coffee with low acidity.

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