Sumo Ethiopia BIRBISA JIMMA, Natural - Espresso 250g
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Sumo Ethiopia BIRBISA JIMMA, Natural - Espresso 250g

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Region: Jimma zone, Goma District, Beshasha Kebele

Producer: Birbirsa, Kata Muduga

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2.000 - 2.100 masl

Harvested: 2021

Cupping score: 87.50


CUPPING NOTES: Ripe pineapple, Berries, Earl Grey, Orange peel, cocoa nibs. Rummy. Complex. Medium body. Malic and citric acidity



This stunning new release comes from the birthplace of coffee: Ethiopia!


Birbirsa is a primary cooperative part of the Kata Muduga Union. This umbrella organisation serves as an administrative and marketing liaison between member cooperatives (coffee farmers who process and sell their coffee together) and specialty coffee buyers. It's also one of the most farmer-focused Unions, and it consistently generates some of the highest prices paid to farmers in the country.


The Union’s headquarters are based in the town of Agaro, in the Jimma Zone, not far from the forests that are thought to be the birthplace of coffee.


We all drink and love coffee, but have you heard the story of Kaldi the goat herder and his frolicking herd?


The famous Ethiopian legend tells the story of Kaldi who noticed how excited his sheep became after eating fruit from a certain tree. Their usual calm behaviour was replaced with prancing, frolicking, and dancing. They had so much energy they didn’t sleep that night! Curious and feeling adventurous, Kaldi tried the red berries from the mysterious tree. Soon he was bursting with energy and joined the goats dancing and frolicking around. He became the happiest goat herder around!


After watching the odd behaviour of Kaldi and his herd, a monk convinced that the strange cherry fruit was the answer to his problem of falling asleep mid-way through his prayers, took some back to his monastery where the monks tossed them in the fire, as they disapproved of the idea of using the strange fruit.

Instead of burning the beans, they roasted them and were later used to create the first coffee. Since that epic day of discovery, coffee has grown into an almost precious drink enjoyed by people worldwide. So thank you, Kaldi!



Kata Muduga Union works with farmers from 5 rural districts in the Jimma zone: Goma, Gera, Gumai, Setema, and Sigimo. The general manager and representative of the Union is Asnake Nigat.

Birbirsa, located in the Goma district, Beshaka kebele, impressed us with the quality of this natural coffee. This Jimma Grade 1 (Jimma is the grade given to Unwashed lots in this zone) showcases the region’s quality beautifully with notes of berry and pineapple combined with a refreshing earl grey kick and an elegant floral aroma.

About the variety. The word "Heirloom" has the following meanings:
1.- a valuable object that the older members of a family have given to the younger members of the same family for many years.
2.- a fruit, plant or seed of a type, which has existed for many years.
An "Heirloom" variety is a plant variety that has a history of transfer within a family or community, similar to the generational exchange of heirloom jewellery or furniture.

For many years in the coffee industry, the word Heirloom has been used in Ethiopia, as a generic term to describe a variety or group of unknown cultivated varieties of a particular lot, farm or region, which over the years has been planted and passed from one coffee producer to the next.


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