Sumo Costa Rica LOS DURAN, Black Honey - Filter 250g
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Sumo Costa Rica LOS DURAN, Black Honey - Filter 250g

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Producer: Eduardo Duran

Farm:   El Roble

Region: West Valley, Costa Rica

Variety: H3

Process: Black Honey

Altitude: 1.475 masl

Harvested: 2021

Cupping score: 88.50


CUPPING NOTES: Blackberry, tropical fruits, cinnamon, manuka honey.

Complex and juicy.


This coffee was used by our friend Gabriel Tudorin in Irish Coffee in Good Spirits 2022 and took an excellent 2nd place.  


This lot of H3 coffee underwent an Anaerobic Black Honey process. H3 is part of the first wave of F1 Hybrid cultivars developed and released. Though it wasn’t part of the final round of hybrid selections due to its susceptibility to leaf rust, its high cup quality has kept it in favour with producers.



  • Meet the farmer

    The Duran family farm is in the village of Sarchí in the West Valley. Eduardo works the farm with his three sons; Barney is actively involved in coffee processing, and production on the farm, and Kendall and Arnold work as software engineers. They all show great passion for coffee and for continuing the work their father has been doing for decades.


    All three brothers spent most of their school holidays working in the field, picking, stumping, or planting trees. The Duran's recognise that today, in addition to carrying on traditions, one must be innovative in coffee production. Kendall is working hard with his brothers to help bring their coffee to better markets.


    The El Roble parcel ranges from 1300 meters to up to 1650 meters and grows different varieties such as Catuaí and Caturra and other new hybrids such as H3 and H17. These hybrids can have great results in production levels and the cup while more resistant to disease and fungi.


    Over the past year, Eduardo and Kendall have been building a micro mill on the small coffee plot behind their house, which is labour-intensive. The Duran family opted for a traditional depulper instead of a high-end mechanical demucilager that scrubs all the mucilage off coffee using friction. This saves a lot of money; it also helps create more unique profiles in the cup. The new mill also has more space to accommodate the drying process, including a greenhouse with drying beds to keep up with the increasing production of micro-lots.

    This lot of Black Honey coffee was dried on raised beds for 21 days.

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