Sumo Colombia EL PARAISO, Washed - Filter 250g
Sumo Colombia EL PARAISO, Washed - Filter 250g
Sumo Colombia EL PARAISO, Washed - Filter 250g
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Sumo Colombia EL PARAISO, Washed - Filter 250g

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Producer: Jose Ignacio Gomez Lopez

Farm:   Finca El Paraiso

Region: Nariño, Colombia

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1.900 masl

Harvested: 2021



CUPPING NOTES: Creamy, Yellow Plum, Sour Cherry, Lemon Candy



Jose grew up in a coffee-producing family and has developed a good palate and an eye for good coffee. He grows coffee on six and a half hectares alongside oranges, lemons, and avocados. During the harvest, he, his family and a team of trained harvesters handpick the ripe red cherry and process the crop in their micro wet mill on the farm.

  • Meet the farmer

    Jose Ignacio Gomez’s farm is located in Vereda el Naranjal near the town of Buescao in the Nariño department. Paraiso’s Caturra variety of coffee grows at altitudes of 1900 meters above sea level and sees an average rainfall of 1800mm per year.


    Nariño is one of Colombia’s 32 Departments. It shares a southern border with Ecuador and is home to thousands of smallholder coffee producing families. Colombia’s three ranges of Andean mountains converge in Nariño, presenting ideal altitudes and fertile soil for high grown Arabica production.


    Jose Ignacio built a custom solar dryer on the farm near the wet mill several years ago. Three tiers of raised drying beds are arranged under the plastic roof, allowing light to enter and the farm’s crosswinds to control the temperature by passing through the open ends of the dryer. Jose oriented the dryer precisely to use the crosswinds for this temperature control purpose.


    When coffee is first harvested, it is placed on the lowest bed. As it dries, it is moved to the top tier, where it remains until it reaches the desired humidity and is ready to be transferred to the bodega storage area for a period of rest before export, known as reposo, when all the flavours that will be perceived in the cup stabilise.

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