ONA Reserve Ecuador Finca Indera, Honey - Filter 200g
ONA Reserve Ecuador Finca Indera, Honey - Filter 200g

ONA Reserve Ecuador Finca Indera, Honey - Filter 200g

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Continuing with our Geisha heavy reserves for November, Sorry! not sorry, we have another unique and exciting expression coming from Ecuador. Manuels' Indera Honey process has a beautiful abundance of acacia blossom, grapes, bergamot florals, and a crisp granny smith apple linger.

TASTES LIKE Acacia blossom, table grapes, bergamot, granny smith apple
ROAST Filter


Manuel bgan his dream of having a specialty coffee farm in 2016. Before, he had been selling roasted and ground coffee in the city of Loja. This was the beginning of their history in the world of specialty coffee. In the contest "The Best of Loja" in 2018 he obtained first and second place and in 2019 he obtained second place.

PRODUCER Manuel Alberto Romero Sanchez
REGION Chaguarpamba, Loja
ALTITUDE 1500masl

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Chaguarpamba, Loja, Ecuador

5 years ago, Finca Indera was just an empty pasture for cattle to graze. Manuel was not one to easy into his transition to coffee farming. He planted most of his land to coffee and planted parts with timber and fruit trees and bananas to create a diversified production system. After planting out the land, he added an irrigation system and electricity to the farm. Currently, Manuel cultivates five exotic varieties of coffee. Finca Indera is alive with a diversity of flora, fauna, and wild animal life. This lot we have on for November is his Honey Geisha. Cherries were picked in the afternoon at 22 degrees brix upwards and left in a grain pro sack until morning. The coffee is then pulped and placed on African beds to dry under shade until it reaches 10.5% humidity. 

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