ONA Peru Finca Yandel, Washed - Reserve Filter 200g

ONA Peru Finca Yandel, Washed - Reserve Filter 200g

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2021 has plenty to be excited about and Ona having Peru Micro lots finally in its single-origin program is one of them. We have sourced this lot with the help of coffee friends on the ground in Peru who run a company called Three Monkeys. The three young people who run this business are all children of coffee growers and are now working hard to promote the coffees of their region. The work of these young people is concentrated to specifically seek out the best expressions of specialty coffees they can find. They work mainly with producers from Santa Teresa, Quelloúno, Laco Yavero and Yanatile. Supporting producers to modernize their processing, harvesting and post-harvest processes.

Let me introduce you to Finca Yandel. Its Farmer, Don Eulogio, has many memories of helping his father harvest coffee cherries on his Yandel farm, as a child. As a teenager, he fell in love with the craft himself, and since 1988 he has also been an independent farmer. Since 2000, Eulogio has used information from surrounding farmers and his family and began to focus more on growing selected coffee. On the one hand, it provides him with a higher income for the farm and the family, and at the same time motivates him to improve the technology and conditions for cultivation on the farm. This is a truly exceptional coffee that is sure to tantalise your taste senses this April.

Flavour profile: 

Peach, honeydew melon, lychee and white tea. 


Peru (100%)


Washed (100%)


Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Pache



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