ONA Peru El Pacae, Washed -  Espresso 200g
ONA Peru El Pacae, Washed -  Espresso 200g
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ONA Peru El Pacae, Washed - Espresso 200g

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This Peruvian espresso shows wonderfully balanced red apple malic acidity, caramel sweetness, rich milk chocolate-like body, and a palate full of orange juice.

TASTES LIKE Red apple, caramel, orange and milk chocolate
ROAST Espresso


Virgilio is recognised in the community as an innovator and passionate about his coffee production style. His family comes from a cattle-raising background, but their focus is now solely on the coffee trees. He's described as a fan of the varieties with the longest traditional lineages. The 2020 COVID pandemic ended up helping him at an agronomic level, leaving him with a clear image and understanding of the value of specialty coffee and varieties with pure DNA.

PRODUCER Virgilio Carpio
REGION Ocobamba, Cusco
ALTITUDE 1830 masl
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Ocobamba, Cusco, Peru

The farm takes its name after the sheer volume of pacae shrubs that cover most of the region. It is a great and natural source of shade for the coffee trees and provides good soil nitrogen. Virgilio says that the pacae is the best educator for Specialty Coffee, and while we haven't quite figured out how, we think he must be onto something because his beans showcase something special

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