ONA Panama Finca Deborah Evolution 'Jasper", CM Natural 200g - RESERVE ESPRESSO

ONA Panama Finca Deborah Evolution 'Jasper", CM Natural 200g - RESERVE ESPRESSO

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'Jamison Savage and his Finca Deborah farm have become yearly staples on the world competition circuits. They produce extraordinary coffees that have got to be up there in the top tier of the coffees produced globally. Positioned high up in the remote hills of Volcan, getting here is no mean feat. When hunting for the perfect spot for this project, Jamison spent several years wandering the remote areas of Panama mountain ranges: in this area that had never housed any form of commercial cultivation, he found what he was looking for and in 2013 he established the first part of his farm with green-tip Geisha. Fast-forward through countless competition wins, Jamison created a extended day anaerobic fermented lot for the 2018 Australian Brewers Champion, Heath Dalziel, to use in Brazil's world event: it was called 'Evolution' to symbolise the expansion of complexity and flavour range brought out using intentional processing. Every year, these coffees are spellbinding and a rare chance for customers to experience world class coffees in their local cafes (or if they are lucky, at home). It may be expensive, but your tastebuds are worth it... trust us. 


Panama (100%)


CM Natural (100%)


Geisha (100%)


Flavour profile: 

Sometimes it’s nice to be a little fancy: what a way to kick off 2021 than with one of the fanciest espressos we have at HQ! This coffee has it all: refinement, elegance, complexity and depth. Expect a multilayered, polished espresso teeming with jasmine flowers, blood orange, sweet stonefruit and a stewed-down strawberry finish carrying a hint of bergamot.

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