ONA KENYAN Thageini Lot S28, Supernatural 200g  - Filter

ONA KENYAN Thageini Lot S28, Supernatural 200g - Filter

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This is the second year that Project Origin has been able to collaborate with the Aguthi Co-op with their CM selection and supernatural experimental processing. The very first harvest last year produced such miniscule volumes that we weren't able to commercially feature them - it was really a trial run to see if the project would work and what experiments, if any, would be successful. With many successful lots produced in 2019, the 2020 harvest saw things upscaled to produce an abundance of unique expressions of what Kenyan coffee can be! This first lot uses the supernatural method and a variety of experimental techniques. The first thing you’ll notice in this lot is the increased intensity of the classic blackcurrant note which is often a hallmark attribute of coffee from this country. The second thing you will notice is this thick, almost dairy-like texture, which has really come to be a signature of anaerobic style fermented lots of Kenya. 



Kenya (100%)


Anerobic Natural


SL28, Ruri

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