ONA Kenya Rukira PB, Washed -  Filter 200g
ONA Kenya Rukira PB, Washed -  Filter 200g

ONA Kenya Rukira PB, Washed - Filter 200g

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A lovely Kenyan Peaberry that is so much fun to enjoy. Plumb up with an array of citrus fruits from lime to orange marmalade. There is a tangy green apple acidity cut that leads to a soft floral green tea finish.


TASTES LIKE Lime, Green apple, Floral green tea, Organge marmalade
ROAST Filter


Peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation in all coffee varieties where only one bean is present inside the coffee cherry instead of two. They appear as a result of one ovule failing to pollinate. With the extra space, a rounder seed grows inside. Peaberries can offer bright acidity, sweetness, and concentrated and complex flavours in a cup.

PRODUCER Othaya Farmers Co-op
REGION Nyeri Country, Central Region
ALTITUDE 1800 masl

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Various, Kenya

The Nyeri region is traditionally known as ‘the heart of Kenya’. It has cool temperatures and red volcanic soils rich in phosphorus, making it ideal for growing coffee. Most of the coffees from Nyeri develop and mature slowly, producing extra-hard beans. Farmers predominately grow the SL28 and SL34 varietals, combining them before transporting them to the Rukira wet mill. Here cherries are washed, sorted, and pulped. They undergo a 48hour fully submerged soak in a concrete tank to break down the coffee mucilage.

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