ONA Ethiopian Kochere "Sunglow" (Espresso) 200g

ONA Ethiopian Kochere "Sunglow" (Espresso) 200g

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Ethiopia Kochere ‘Sunglow’, Natural


‘The ‘Sunglow’ lot is grown by various backyard producers in Kochere, in southern Ethiopia. After being grown and harvested by these producers, the cherries are combined and sorted at a washing station, before being shade dried in thick piles for 3-5 days. After this period, the cherries are spread out thinner during the day and piled up at night over 6-12 days before depulping. The assorted drying helps to enhance the powerful qualities of natural processing, making a ‘supernatural’ lot with intense fruit notes.

This natural processed heirloom varietal is sweet and powerful! A juicy quality of orange transforms into a stone fruit sweetness, with a nougat-like flavour on the finish. One cup will definitely not be enough!


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