ONA Ethiopia Indigo 1212, CM Natural 200g - RESERVE FILTER

ONA Ethiopia Indigo 1212, CM Natural 200g - RESERVE FILTER

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'This washing station has a very special place in our heart at ONA: it was built in 2017 as a joint project with great local production partners Primrose, and was the site of our very first Ethiopian CM coffees. It's here that the Project Origin team learnt a huge amount from the experience of trying and refining the CM process: to emphasise just how remarkable this washing station is, it only took one year of commercial operation before producing the 2018 World Barista Championship winning coffee! The 2020 harvest has brought us another remarkable range of CM Selection lots. The biggest and baddest cat of the bunch is the mighty 1212 Indigo. This lot pushes the fermentation boundaries to the limits whilst still retaining a structured and balanced expression, with a clear and classic Ethiopian identity. If you love those powerful fruit-laden coffees, you’ll get along with this reserve filter like peas in a pod! 


Ethiopia (100%)


CM Natural (100%)


Heirloom (100%)


Flavour profile: 

Bring in the heavy weights! If Indigo profiles are the big flavour kids on the block, the 1212 lot is the biggest and loudest of the pack. With dark fruited aromatics, expect a berry-like liqueur note, fresh blackberry, sweet dark cherry and a sophisticated, high-quality 70% single origin dark chocolate-like finish. 

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