ONA El Salvador Finca La Fincona 200g - Filter

ONA El Salvador Finca La Fincona 200g - Filter

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This farm is part of the legacy in coffee knowledge of Jorge Raul Rivera (1938-2013). He was not only a professor at the University of El Salvador, teaching coffee cultivation and processing, but worked in the area since 1978. He is considered to be the  pioneer of the first coffee crops in the north of El Salvador in 1980, in the area of Chalatenango. Finca La Fincona lays on a 28ha plot of land. When first established, the farm was not well organized due to the civil unrest in the time period during which it was established: over the years there has been a lot of focus on improving the fertilization programs and milling process here, with the hard work paying off in 2018 when they finished an impressive 9th place in the countries Cup of Excellence program. This is the first year ONA has purchased from this farm: we’re very happy and excited to have new El Salvador relationships developing, and look optimistically towards the possibility of a long future with this farm.

Flavour profile: 

This natural El Salvador lot carries a fantastic, rich, rounded body and a refined honey-like sweetness. The palate opens with delicate red apple-like acidity, peach forward flavours and a dense rooibos tea-like finish.


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