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Ninety Plus Gesha Signature Gift Box 5*60g

Ninety Plus Gesha Signature Gift Box 5*60g

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Our signature processing formulas have been
appreciated by the coffee community, for more
than a decade. But processing is not the only
reason behind that. By constantly evolving our
whole operations model in Ninety Plus Gesha
Estates, we are able to produce better coffees
every year. By planting more shade trees every
year, applying ecological farming methods, but
also engaging more with the local community of
our workers, we are able to achieve far more than
we hoped for. Our biggest experiment, NPGE, has
been transformed into a 185 ha ecological farm,
where plants,
animals, and humans live in
harmony, leading to a more stable and complex
ecosystem, which helps us to produce better
coffees every year.

Nekisse (date, clove, balsamic glaze)

Nekisse - formerly Beloya - was the first coffee
Ninety Plus developed in Ethiopia, and in 2007, it
was the first coffee to score 97 points on Coffee

Ninety Plus Founder, Joseph Brodsky, moved to
Ethiopia in 2006 to start Ninety Plus. He lived full-
time in Ethiopia for 2 years, fermenting and drying
coffees with his own hands and intuition. These
tiny batches (the Aricha and Beloya Micro
Selections) were first taken on a tour to specialty
roasters in the Nordic countries who hadn't tasted
natural processed coffees of this level prior. They
quickly became the choice of national barista
champions who featured them on the World
Barista Competition stage in Copenhagen in 2008.
These coffees were the first single-origin, natural
process coffees to be presented in the World
Barista Championships and were the precursors
of the current Panama Nekisse.

Lycello (ychee, oolong tea, fresh mint)

Inspired by the words "lychee" and "cello", Lycello
was the first taste profile created at Ninety Plus
Gesha Estates in Panama.

Lycello Batch 5 of 2014 was the first of 5 Ninety
Plus coffees used to win the World Brewer's Cup
Championship (5 World Championships in the last
6 years).

Juliette (orange peel, vanilla, white peach)

Named for its romantic and subtly seductive
nature (2-time Chinese Champion and WBC
finalist Jeremy Zhang is victims),
her among Juliette is among the sweetest coffees produced by Ninety Plus.
Like rosé versus white or red, it manifests both the
clarity of the classic floral and citrus profile of
traditional gesha coffee while being balanced with
depth and creaminess in the structure.

Perci (pomegranate, dark chocolate, cardamom)

Ninety Plus was the first to naturally process the
gesha variety in Panama.
short for Perci -
perspective - is named for the sense of discovery
and possibility with natural processing of coffee,
which had its beginnings with game-changing
events in 2007.

After bringing samples of its first experimental
natural process coffees (fermented and dried in
cherry) from Ethiopia to Panama in 2007 and
sharing them with producer families in Boquete, a
collaboration was made with Graciano Cruz of HiU
Coffee and José David Garrido of Mama Cata to
turally process gesha for the first time for Ninety

Lotus (tamarind, lavender, fennel)

Fermenting coffee is a thermogenic process and
often requires thermoregulation. The Ninety Plus
Lotus process was the first (in 2014) to utilize
temperature regulation in fermentation of whole
coffee cherries.
Lotus coffee is named for the sacred lotus which is
capable of generating heat and regulating the
temperature of its beautiful blossoms.
The Signature Gift Set includes all five coffees
above (5 x 50g roasted or 5x 60g unroasted).

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