FriedHats Kenya Thiriku - Espresso 250g
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FriedHats Kenya Thiriku - Espresso 250g

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Trabocca’s work in Kenya focuses on giving power to farmers, paying them much higher per kilo and ensuring that the money goes directly to them as oppose to a middleman or corrupt agent. Trabocca started their "Kenyan Coffee Revolution" with the Ndaironi cooperative, but was ended after board members devolved into old ways, something that Trabocca had a no-policy for. 

With Thiriku, Trabocca are re-introducing the ethos of the Kenyan Coffee Revolution, bringing agronomists to assist and educate farmers, as well as providing the resources necessary to scale up the production of bushes. 

The Thiriku Cooperative is based in Nyeri where the farms sit at around 1880 - 1970 masl. This coffee is a washed SL28 varietal, a fruity cup with lots of sweetness. 

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