FriedHats Kenya Gaturiri - Espresso 250g
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FriedHats Kenya Gaturiri - Espresso 250g

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Sometimes I dream about growing my own vegetables, herbs, managing my own cattle, having a little space with sheep. In the dream I have 12 sheep and they’re all called David. You could call this dream space Gaturiri, a term which means “the shrubs” in Kikuyu - I know this because this is where the people of Nyeri pick their own herbs, and that’s exactly where our latest Kenya is from. 

The Gaturiri factory is a part of the Barichu Co-op which sits at 1700-1800 masl, lying next to the Kirigu river the factory uses fresh river water during their processing methods. The co-op itself aims to provide members with credit for school fees and unexpected expenses, as well as the ability to gain further knowledge on crop husbandry and other agricultural practices. 

This coffee is a mix of the SL28, SL34, and Ruiru11 varieties; with notes of blueberry and lemon, and a silky sweet molasses edge.

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