ONA Ethiopia Sunglow, Anaerobic Natural - Espresso 200g

ONA Ethiopia Sunglow, Anaerobic Natural - Espresso 200g

السعر العادي 5.950 KD 0.000 KD سعر الوحدة من أجل

This Ethiopian lot comes from the Wete wet mill in the Konga region of Ethiopia. Sunglow is one of many intentionally focused flavour expressions that Project Origin creates yearly in collaboration with local farmers. To achieve these uniquely flavoured lots, we try to blend multiple different experiments together to achieve the target flavour profile inspired by the name given to the lot. These experiments play on screen size and length of natural anaerobic fermentation duration to bring new and exotic qualities out of coffees. Each year, after the lots have finished being processed, they are cupped and assessed to see which qualities and flavour profiles they have developed. For Sunglow, we look for bright acidity, warm fruits in the yellow and orange spectrum, and a softer, rounded body.



Ethiopia (100%)


Anaerobic Natural (100%)




 Flavour profile: 

This is a unique, midweight espresso that balances the complex tropical fruits of a heavier anaerobic fermented natural process coffee with citric acidity. These bright and softer tones are seen more commonly in a washed lot.

Mango, peach, mandarin, tropical punch. 

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