ONA Ethiopia Ananas, Anaerobic Natural 200g - Filter

ONA Ethiopia Ananas, Anaerobic Natural 200g - Filter

السعر العادي 5.950 KD 0.000 KD سعر الوحدة من أجل

For the 2020 harvest, green bean sourcer Project Origin has decided to help get roasters closer to the local Ethiopian language by naming the lots in Amharic. Ananas means Pineapple, which there is certainly a lot of in the flavour profile of this coffee! This coffee is part of Project Origin's series of playful, experimental lots where we get to push fermentation in different directions to explore the region's potential. All supernaturals are prepared using thick layers or piles of cherries on African beds. These conditions create natural anaerobic environments in the centre of the pile or layer. Throughout the drying the piles and layers are turned as well as covered up by plastic sheets for various periods of time during the day, depending on what qualities that particular experiment is hoping to achieve. In these conditions, unique flavours and aromatics are created.


Ethiopia (100%)


Anaerobic Natural (100%)


Heirloom (100%)


Flavour profile: 

This is another fantastic expression from Ethiopia's last harvest. Ananas has this wonderful mix of deep berries, exotic, overripe pineapple and tropical flavours. These are supported by a coating chocolate and nougat-like body.


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