ONA Decadent Delights - Milk Base 200g
ONA Decadent Delights - Milk Base 200g

ONA Decadent Delights - Milk Base 200g

السعر العادي 7.000 KD 0.000 KD سعر الوحدة من أجل

As the summer days grow shorter, and the weather starts to depart from the warmer sun of summer past, we crave a sumptuous sensory release. Savoury autumn aromas of sandalwood and tobacco, dark fruit preserves by the spoon full, dried figs to munch on, and celebrations of rich French vanilla and decadent chocolate. Best enjoyed in slippers and pyjamas: go on, live a little on the cosy side of life, your local barista won’t judge you.

In this blend, vanilla tones are encouraged by a lactic fermented El Mirador natural. Blackberry jam and dried figs are brought to the table by an Ethiopian supernatural lot, and sweet tobacco and cacao nibs are simulated by a lot from PNG.

Flavour profile: 

Vanilla, Blackberry, Tobacco, Cacao nib and Figs. 



25% PNG, 25% Colombia, 50% Ethiopia.


Blend, Various





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