FriedHats Colombia Madremonte - 250g

FriedHats Colombia Madremonte - 250g

السعر العادي 5.500 KD 0.000 KD سعر الوحدة من أجل

تاريخ التحميص : 19-1-2021


This lot is made up of coffees grown solely by about 429 female producers in Huila. They are all members of Coocentral who have been working with Nordic Approach to improve the coffee quality, yield and the  livelihoods of the producers and their families. The farms are located between 1380 and 1600 masl and this lot is made up of Caturra, Colombia and Castillo varieties. It’s a washed processed coffee and it’s super sweet with notes of cane sugar, molasses, white grape and green apple.


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