FriedHats Colombia Deira Garcia

FriedHats Colombia Deira Garcia

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تاريخ التحميص: 1-9-2021


More Colombians are finally arriving!

This time we got two very similar coffee’s, produced in a very different way.
One double Anaerobic washed, and the other single Aerobic Natural.
Both coffee’s really showcase what processing does with the flavor of coffee.
The washed version is crisp, clean, sweet and bright. 

It’s a pink bourbon grown at 1800 masl in Pitalito, Huila.
Deiro took a microbiology course and learnt that certain bacteria and yeast strains can help produce distinct coffee profiles. This coffee was first fermented in closed plastic tanks for 72 hours, then depulped and fermented for another 72 hours in a closed environment. 

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